“Optical Integrity fibers consistently out perform other industry laser fibers.”

  Dr. Neal P. Dunn, MD, FACS  



“….I read with interest the press release and article that you created on the ScopeSafe™ technology.  I am astonished at the magnitude of the problem of scope damage.  I can attest first hand as Chairman of Surgery at United Medical Center in Cheyenne that scope repairs on these putatively “delicate” scopes is a major drain on capital budgets in the hospital.  What’s worse is that it is a conspiracy of silence amongst urologists since nobody wants to be portrayed a the guy who fired the laser fiber while it was pulled back into the scope and made life inconvenient for everyone.  We want to blame it on the last guy who used the scope, because it makes a urologist look foolish if he/she breaks the flexible scope.  I think you are onto something and I commend your efforts.

  James A. Lugg, MD FACS
Chairman of Surgery
United Medical Center
Cheyenne, Wyoming
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