To Health Care Professionals:

Optical Integrity, Inc., is a small privately held medical device company specializing in devices used in laser surgery.  Because of our technical background in lasers and wave guides, we have made a study of the surgical laser business and discovered some problems that are not well understood by users or providers in the field.  Using our expertise in lasers and wave guides, Optical Integrity, Inc. has invented several products to produce better wave guides (laser fibers) for surgeons.

These wave guides are designed to accommodate the real world of laser surgery rather than perfect models that one finds in research laboratories.  For example, in the real world, lasers age and as they age they change.  Many of the aging issues cause mis-alignment of the lasers so that not all of the energy from the laser is launched into the core of a normal fiber.  This errant energy can be devastating for the laser and for the fiber and other devices in use by the surgeon. 

In fact this errant energy is the cause of many failures and associated costs such as endoscope damage or blown blast shields in lasers.  Optical Integrity, Inc. has developed technology to deal with the errant energy in such a way that the lasers, endoscopes and other devices are protected from errant laser energy in the following way.

Optical Integrity’s patented ScopeSafe™ technology filters out errant energy and prevents it from entering the cladding of the fiber where most damage is done and our patented ScopeGuard™ technology detects imminent fiber or other device failure and interrupts the laser before damage is done. For more detailed information about our technologies click on the ScopeSafe™ or ScopeGuard™ names.

What is your endoscope repair bill?  How much will you save by switching to Optical Integrity, Inc. products?



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