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Introducing Soft Tip ScopeSafe laser fiber with Stand-Off Jacket™

Soft Tip

An Expectation Surpassed

The Soft Tip Stand-Off Jacket provides a fixed distance from fiber to stone and provides the following advantages:

Soft Tip Demonstration Video

  • Fiber tip does not degrade providing better energy to stone for the entire procedure
  • Safe and reliable passage through a deflected endoscope multiple times even after energy is passed
  • Reduced retropulsion
  • Eliminate need to strip and cleave fiber tip
  • Utilize higher joule settings safely for more efficient stone treatment
  • Half Millimeter graduations on Soft Tip jacket provides stone measurement capability
  • Atraumatic Soft Tip protects surrounding mucosa (the mucous membrane) from injury
  • Eliminates the need for an expensive stone laser
  • Virtually eliminates onscreen digital interference

Along with all of these features, we have another option.

Soft Tip with Stone Size Indicators

Everything and More

While possessing the ability to perform to the specifications above the addition of the stone size indicators that are every millimeter give the healthcare professional the ability to measure stone size during the procedure.

Soft Tip with Markers