Optical Integrity

Pioneering Innovation in Laser Fiber Technology

Introducing AURA KTP Compatible Laser Fiber™

Optical Integrity KTP laser fiber

  • Compatible for use with AURA/KTP laser systems*
  • The Optical Integrity LASER fiber attaches directly to the AURA/KTP laser without the need for a cumbersome adaptor.
  • *AURA is a trademark of the Boston Scientific Corporation
    *Data on file Optical Integrity Inc.

Witness a stone experience far beyond MOSES

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Patent pending.
Soft Tip is a Trademark of Optical Integrity, Inc.

A revolutionary product in the world of laser fiber technology

The Soft Tip Stand-Off Jacket provides a fixed distance from fiber to stone.

  • Fiber tip does not degrade providing better energy to stone for the entire procedure
  • Safe and reliable passage through a deflected endoscope multiple times even after energy is passed
  • Reduced retropulsion
  • Eliminate need to strip and cleave fiber tip
  • Utilize higher joule settings safely for more efficient stone treatment
  • Millimeter graduations on Soft Tip jacket provides stone measurement capability
  • Atraumatic Soft Tip protects surrounding mucosa (the mucous membrane) from injury
  • Eliminates the need for an expensive stone laser
  • Virtually eliminates onscreen digital interference

An expectation surpassed