Laser Fibers

Optical Integrity Stand-Off technologies are designed to prevent the laser fiber from making direct contact with tissue or stone, a known cause of fiber failure.

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Has a built in filtering system which prevents errant energy from entering the cladding of the laser fiber.

Energy migrates into the cladding of a deflected fiber (e.g. while reaching a lower pole stone) and causes fiber breakage. A breakage allows the energy to escape and burns the working channel of the flexible ureteroscope.

Has a glass ferrule which prevents the Blast Shield on the laser from being destroyed.

Clinical Benefit: Prevents injury to patient and staff from fiber breakage. Also provides longer life on a reusable laser fiber.

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Minimal impact on irrigation flow and scope deflection!

Allows a laser fiber to be advanced through a deflected scope.

Does NOT damage the working channel of the scope while passing fiber to distal end of scope.

Clinical Benefit: A punctured or scored working channel will cause “fluid invasion” of a flexible scope. This is a major cause of scope repair and lost O.R. time. More importantly, when a scope has fluid invasion, normally it goes unnoticed until the next surgical procedure when the patient is on the table and under general anesthesia. It is well known that time under general anesthesia can be a root cause for DVTs and Pulmonary Embolisms, not to mention frustration for both surgeon and staff.

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Unlike standard or ball tip fibers, Soft Tip does not degrade and therefore provides an intact beam profile for the entire case. Maintaining an intact beam profile has been shown to increase energy output by 30%.

The Soft Tip fiber will pass through a fully flexed scope multiple times to complete the case.

Soft Tip Stand-Off jacket allows user to touch the stone for ease of use and optimal stone to fiber distance.

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QLASE is a durable, compact side-fire fiber. The QLASE fiber is used together with a proprietary adjustable Stand-off catheter. The QLASE side fire fiber with Stand-Off Catheter far surpasses other side fire fibers on the market in performance and durability.

The Stand-Off catheter is a sacrificial layer that is placed over the side-fire fiber to prevent tissue from sticking to the fiber, a major cause of fiber damage.

Should tissue stick to the glass tip of the Stand-Off catheter, rotate the catheter to a new position and continue treatment. Each Stand-Off catheter offers 16 fresh lasing windows.