Fiber Accessories

Accompaniments to our state of the art technologies

Single-use, sterile device StripRightâ„¢ saves time and reduces staff frustration. Most reusable strippers are not well maintained and can cause a problem for the operator. Furthermore, most reusable laser fiber strippers do not have a reprocessing validation which can be a major problem for many hospitals

Factory installed cutting blades Factory installed cutting blades are properly aligned and guaranteed sharp. Most reusable stripper blades are poorly maintained and often become dull or misaligned. This can damage the laser fiber coating and increase endoscope repair costs.

Tamper-proof cutting blades The StripRightâ„¢ cutting blades cannot be accessed, which insures that they remain in proper position during use.

Factory-sharpened ceramic scribe The StripRightâ„¢ ceramic scribe tool is always sharp and ready for use; unlike reusable scribe tools or scissors which are often dull and do not function properly.