About Us

Established in 2000, Optical Integrity is a highly inventive medical device company that develops, designs innovative laser fiber technologies.

As a medical device manufacturer, Optical Integrity, Inc. falls under the purview of regulatory bodies around the world such as the US FDA, the European MDD and Health Canada.

These regulatory agencies require strict adherence to standards and regulations to assure that safe and effective products are delivered to doctors and hospitals.

Optical Integrity Inc.'s quality system is certified to ISO13485 : 2016.

Building on a History of Innovation

For more than 15 years, Optical Integrity innovations have played an essential role in procedure-driven markets that include urology and vascular surgery. Optical Integrity directly addresses the specialized needs and clinical challenges of physicians worldwide, offering unsurpassed laser fiber technologies to enhance surgical procedures with intuitive and cost effective surgical tools.

Optical Integrity is a recognized leader in advanced laser fiber technologies to treat a variety of surgical situations.

Passion Led Us Here
Research and Development

Research and Development

We specialize in the development of innovative laser feedback technologies, and fiber optic delivery systems for use in a variety of surgical specialties.

Our essential requirements for new product development are focused on improving user experience and reducing procedure cost. We employ a rigorous patent strategy to protect our wealth of intellectual property.

Optical Integrity has over 100 years of combined R & D experience primarily in the surgical areas of Urology, Vascular, and General surgery.